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An OSCE exam is a typical type of examination (first described in 1975) that is often used in health sciences (e.g. medicine, physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry) to test clinical skill(s) performance and competence (knowledge, skills and attitudes) such as communication, clinical examination, medical procedures/prescription, clinical decision making, clinical thinking/reasoning, exercise prescription, joint mobilization/manipulation techniques and/or interpretation of clinical outcome results. Buy OSCE Diploma Without Exam

The OSCE examination was developed in 1975 by Ronald Harden, Professor of Medical Education (Emeritus) at the University of Dundee. It was first outlined by Professor Harden in a journal article in The British Medical Journal (BMJ) called Assessment of clinical competence using objective structured examination.

The OSCE is now a universally-accepted standard exam in higher education assessment.


Objective refers to scoring of multiple examiners in different stations resulting in a more objective score at the end of the OSCE.

OSCE scenarios and assessment forms should be standardised across multiple stations. Each station within an OSCE should focus on an area of clinical competence. Subjective scoring plus feedback takes place for each station will bring to the fore what a student does well and what areas a student has shortcomings. The overall score of multiple examiners therefore is ‘more objective’ and the feedback provided is the most powerful tool to progress student’s learning.

Structured refers to the standardised consecutive format and procedures of the time constrained station based exam. Buy OSCE Diploma Without Exam

Students should experience the same scenario within a station and each student must perform the same task within a fixed time duration. Each student should encounter the same level of difficulty and the same assessment form is used for each student.


Clinical refers to the fact that clinical skills are being assessed during the OSCE and the encounter is very much clinically based.

An OSCE station represents clinical situations that reflect what happens within healthcare work settings. Each station should look to challenge students to apply their clinical knowledge and skills as they work through each scenario encountered. Buy OSCE Diploma Without Exam