Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi


Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi

Here, you can Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi fron Real Documents Inc.  HAAD license will authorizes you to provide professional healthcare practice in Abu Dhabi. HAAD Licensing is very important to delivery high standards of healthcare services. So initially there is a need to know about HAAD licensing requirements such as HAAD exam i.e. HAAD license exam for different healthcare professionals. After fulfilling of all requirements healthcare professionals with different specialties can able to get license to work in Emirate of Abu Dhabi. License should be current & valid during their clinical practice.

License should be renew before 3 months prior to the date of expiry. Another requirement is healthcare professionals should obtain no objection certificate (NOC) from their respective Hospital management.  Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi.

HAAD (Healthcare Authority of Abu Dhabi is a healthcare arm of the Ministry of Health of Dubai. The goal of HAAD is to monitor the status of healthcare of the residents in the emirates by ensure all the necessary steps are followed to the letter. Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi.

If you are a healthcare provider who wants to grow your medical career in the UAE, you are required by law to have a license, in this case, the HAAD license to operate in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

PrometricMCQ helps healthcare professionals to obtain HAAD licenses. We also provide other consulting services like eligibility requirements for obtaining HAAD licenses based on the current Healthcare Professional Qualification Report in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, we can help you prepare for your HAAD license exam by proving bespoke exam materials including past tests to ensure your confidence to face the haad exam.

Documents required for HAAD License

Before you can obtain your HAAD license, you must provide a couple of documents and satisfy certain conditions to be eligible: here are the documents you will need to submit: Buy Original HAAD license in Abu Dhabi.

  • Both sides of a passport copy.
  • A copy of passport photo with white background.
  • Experience certificate.
  • Mark transcript. And academic certificate.
  • Good standing certificate.
  • Logbook for surgeons.
  • Registration or license from country of origin.
  • Certificate of BLS, more so for Allied Health experts.