Buy NCLEX-RN,OSCE,UCAT certificate in Australia

The UCAT exam is part of the selection process for some medical and dental schools in the UK. Evaluating candidates’ skills such as mental abilities, attitudes, critical thinking and logical deductions, this exam includes four online reasoning tests and a situation analysis test.

  • Verbal reasoning: evaluates logical thinking and conclusion ability in the light of written information: It takes 21 minutes, contains 44 questions out of 11 passages.
  • Quantitative reasoning: evaluates the ability to solve numerical problems: It takes 24 minutes, 9 tables, diagrams, graphs, etc. and they contain 36 questions from above.
  • Abstract reasoning: evaluates the ability to think closely and differently, and the ability to infer relationships: It includes 13 minutes and 55 questions.
  • Decision analysis: assesses the ability to interpret, infer, and respond appropriately to various forms of information: takes 32 minutes, includes an informational scenario and 28 questions (simple calculator supplied)
  • Situational judgement: measures your answers in the situation, your understanding of medical ethics: It takes 27 minutes, includes 67 questions over 20 scenarios.

The exam takes place at your local test center and is a test for each sub-subject. Although past questions are not available, sample questions are provided on UCAT’s website. Candidates applying to the following universities can take the UCAT exam:


Buy NCLEX-RN,OSCE,UCAT certificate in Australia

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Buy UCAT certificate in Australia

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