Buy MFDS Diploma Without Exam


Buy MFDS Diploma Without Exam

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The MFD RCSI is an examination that can be taken by dentists at any stage of their career: for example, newly qualified, those hoping to undertake specialist training, those working in general practice. The examination does not require specialist knowledge: what is expected is that which would be reasonably expected of a dental school graduate with 1-2 years post-qualification experience. Buy MFDS Diploma Without Exam

The examination places a strong emphasis on clinical dentistry, with some questions on the underlying relevant clinical sciences. The examination consists of two parts. Candidates who successfully complete both parts of the MFD examination are awarded the Membership of the Faculty of Dentistry (RCSI) qualification. Buy MFDS Diploma Without Exam

Historically offered as a face to face examination, the Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI recently announced the development of an online format of the MFD examination.

The online MFD Part 1 consists of one 3 hour assessment with:

  1. 375 True/ False MCQs (keeping the same format from the written version, there are 75 stems with 5 parts each which are either true or false)
  2. 33 Single Best Answer questions (where a statement is presented and candidates select what they feel is the “best” or most appropriate answer.

The online MFD Part 2 consists of one 90 minute assessment with:

  • 15 OSCE / Clinical Scenario based questions where you will enter your responses online.

To access the online MFD Part 1 and 2 examinations, candidates require the following technology:

  • Internet connection (ideally a hardwired ethernet connection, or alternatively Wi-Fi that has a high Mpbs speed)
  • Desktop or laptop computer that has a minimum of 4Gb RAM and has a webcam
  • Windows 7+ or Mac 10.8+. For more info, visit wiki