Buy EDAIC Diploma Without Exam


Buy EDAIC Diploma Without Exam

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This is the ultimate revision guide for candidates who are preparing to take the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (EDAIC) Part I and Part II examinations. This resource provides 303 practice questions and model answers for a complete guide to both parts of the examination.

For Part I: Paper A, there are 135 example questions and model answers on physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, physics, and statistics. For Part I: Paper B, another 127 example questions and model answers cover general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia, special anaesthesia, intensive care, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. Buy EDAIC Diploma Without Exam

To help candidates prepare for the Part II: the Oral part of the exam, there are five SOE-type questions and detailed worked answers addressing applied physiology, applied pharmacology, applied anatomy, clinical measurement, general anaesthesia, critical incidents, intensive care, and image interpretation for a total of 41 practice questions. Buy EDAIC Diploma Without Exam

Written by top quality authors who are or were previously experienced examiners within the European Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC), this is an authoritative guide to the EDAIC exam.

The section, European Diploma in Anaesthesia and intensive care ‘EDAIC’ MCQ and answer, covers a different topic each day with the intent that candidates can prepare one small topic each day, making steady progress in their exam preparation.

Question: Use of normal saline exclusively as the intraoperative fluid

  1. Causes hyperchloraemic metabolic alkalosis
  2. Causes a significant rise in plasma osmolarity
  3. The excess sodium can cause a reduction in GFR by activation of RAS
  4. Each litre infused contains more than the recommended daily dietary intake of sodium
  5. The rise in chloride ions is compensated by a fall in bicarbonate ions